Instructional Technology Resources

TOOLS for promoting a supportive classroom climate

  • Tools intended to promote positive classroom cultures and support perseverance in their classrooms.
  • Track and reinforce good behaviors for individual students.  
  • Set up a positive learning environment that is adaptive to individual students.



  • Arkansas Digital Sandbox
  • Twitter--social networking,microblogging
  • Google Docs/Drive/Hangouts--web-based word processing, presentation, form and data storage with multifaceted video capabilities.
  • Simple Surface--task lists, multimedia group collaboration
  • Realtime Board--online whiteboard and collaboration tool, multimedia
  • Coggle.it--collaborative, free form notes with features of online whiteboard
  • Pinside--online collaborative and personal sticky notes
  • Popplet--multimedia online mindmapping
  • Slatebox--embeddable multimedia mindmapping
  • Murally--online brainstorming, synthesis and collaboration
  • Padlet--group whiteboard, collaboration, research, discussion, multimedia, embeddable
  • LinoIt--multimedia online collaborative sticky notes and canvas
  • Google Forms--create and analyze forms, multi-use
  • wevideo--video creation,animation

TOOLS to provide a motivating environment

Simulated worlds, interactive stories, engaging visual environments, playful collaborations with other players, vividly designed avatars and personas and optimally challenging tasks that are adaptive and provide immediate feedback.


  • Kahoot--online delivery of questions and surveys, multimedia
  • Metta--digital presentation tool that allows videos from YouTube, pictures and voice recording option
  • Thinkglink--tool for collaboratively collecting images and sharing
  • Sokratik--creating audio slideshows
  • Educanon--creating, assigning, and tracking your students' progress on flipped lessons
  • Teachem--uses TED Ed model of creating video lessons with YouTube
  • Verso--deliver flipped lessons to students and gather feedback
  • Gooru--create and share collections of educational videos, texts, and images
  • Storyboard That--templates in which you can create your stories in a comic strip style
  • Marvel Kids--templates for comic strips and comic books
  • Make Beliefs--variety of templates, characters, and prompts to build comic strips
  • Silk--share collections of materials and write text directly on to a webpage directly into your web pages
  • Audioboo--creating short audio messages
  • Projeqt--mix content from the web with your own content to create stories
  • wideo--animated video creation
  • wordmover--story and poem starter and canvas
  • VyClone--collaborative video making
  • Screencast-o-Matic---online screen recording software
  • mp3cut--audio cutting tool
  • tubechop--youtube cutting/editing tool
  • Vocaroo--voice recording service

TOOLS that promote learning strategies and an academic mindset

  • Tools that target learning strategies, either as a general skills or embedded within content learning.  
  • Tools that support self-regulated learning when students engage with multimedia information (text, diagrams, charts, audio and video clips).  
  • Tools that support analyzing, classifying, indexing and evaluation information.  
  • Tools that include annotation capabilities, chat tools , feedback.