Google Classroom- Getting Started

Google Classroom- Getting Started


My ALL time favorite Google Classroom! 




I will list a few things to help you navigate in the creation of your own classroom! 

Please feel free to do what works best for your students AND use this guide provided by GOOGLE for any HELP you may need! 

Google Classroom Support


1. Go to Google and search Google Classroom. Scroll down and select 'Teacher.'



You will then need to follow the prompts to sign up and create your first class. ( Use the TOUR google provides once you create a class!) Depending on your grade level, you may decide to create one class or several classes. For instance; 3rd grade teachers could create a class for each content area while 8th grade teachers could create a class for each class period. It is up to YOU on how you want to navigate and how you want to be able to grade the items that are turned-in via Google Classroom!( IF you create several classes, whatever you create first will be at the end.)


2. You now have a class... Now what?!




- Personalize each class- set up a different theme/ picture for each class! 

- Stream tab is the feed for the students, Students tab shows the students enrolled in the class(remove students here), About tab allows for more details( invite another teacher, place your syllabus, Add materials- links you use frequently was my favorite)

Click around and decide how you will assign your students work. The naming convention                                                       you use in the beginning will help with the finding of lessons and connecting it to                                                                     assignments found in ESchool. 


For example: 

Above you will find examples of how to label assignments. Another way for you to assign an assignment would be to place all information on your wall, please let me forewarn you... It WILL cause a lot of scrolling if you have to go back and view something from the first nine weeks.


3. Set up your Google Drive. Your Google drive organization will allow you to find information easily, whether you set it up via units or class taught. I can speak from experience- set it up in the beginning! Once you create a class( or classes) Google will automatically create a folder on your Google Drive for the class. In the folder you will find everything you add to your Google Classroom.




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