Google Classroom- EVERY DAY


Google Classroom- EVERY DAY



  • What's new- it will tell you about the new updates.
  • Send feedback- see something that could be done better? Let them know! 
  • Ask a question- need help figuring something out? Use the blog to see if someone else had the same question.
  • Get help- use Googles help site for classroom.

    Google classroom has new roll-outs, A LOT! If you ever have an issue with Google Classroom; utilize the:

    ( found in the bottom left corner)

100+ Great Google Classroom Tools-From The CoolCatTeacher




- Create lessons weekly and schedule the day you want them to appear.

- Create lessons the day before and save as a draft.

- Build lessons for modification in a Google Doc

- Students can view file- strongly suggested if you make last minute changes( IF you assign to several groups).

- Students can edit file- could be chaotic, but could be designed with structure( number student seats and they work under their number, etc.).

- Make a copy for each student- essentially handing students a digital worksheet.

- Add multiple resources- YouTube, Google Drive, Computer file, Web link( could also put all of this in a doc- depends on how you want your wall to appear).

- Can assign to multiple classes


Question- poll students or get a short answer: 

- Type simple questions to appear on the stream.

- Decide when you would it due.

- Short answer- Students can reply to others allows students to see others responses and could almost be viewed as a chat.

Short answer- Students can edit response allows the students to go back and edit their original response.

- Multiple choice- Option to allow students to see what others chose( this is the poll feature).

- Add multiple resources and connect to the question( YouTube, Google Drive, Computer file, Web link) 

- Send to multiple groups( classes)



- Any details necessary to go to class will appear on the stream.

- Can select multiple groups( classes).