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Immunization Information

image of child getting a vaccine shot

NEW STATE REQUIRED INFORMATION: Act 676 - Immunization Exemptions and Non-compliance for Students Enrolled  

Act 676 requires schools to make exemption and non-compliance student immunization information available to the public. Nurses currently enter this information annually, but it has not been publicly reported. ADE will include an immunization report on My School Info, to include the number and percent of students with exemptions and the number and percent of students not fulfilling the immunization requirement, by school/district level. This will meet the reporting requirement of Act 676.

Vaccines are the safest way to protect you, your children and your community from a long list of serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Vaccine-preventable diseases can be very serious, may require hospitalization, or even be deadly - especially in infants and young children.

A goal of the Arkansas Department of Health is to control and prevent the spread of these diseases by providing vaccines to local health units in each county and over 500 non-health department facilities in Arkansas.

Immunization doesn’t just protect the person getting the shot; it protects the entire community.  By getting shots on time, you can protect your child and yourself from disease and protect others at home, daycare, school or work.  Here you will find vaccination recommendations for children, teens and adults.  

Arkansas immunization requirements:

Dtap:     4 doses with 1 dose after 4th birthday.

Tdap:     1 dose of Tdap for ages 11 (as of Sept. 1st of each year) and older.

Polio:      3-4 doses with 1 dose after 4th birthday.

MMR:     2 doses with dose 1 on or after 1st birthday and dose 2 at least 28 days after dose 1.

Hep A:    1 dose for kindergarten and 1st grade.

Hep B:     3 doses.

Varicella:   2 doses with dose 1 on or after 1st birthday and dose 2 at least 28 days after dose 1. A medical professional history of disease (chicken pox) may be accepted in lieu of receiving Varicella vaccine.

MCV4:     1 dose for 7th grade.  Second dose at age 16 years (as of Sept. 1st each year).1 dose if not vaccinated prior to age 16 years. (If 1st dose is administered at age 16 years or older, no 2nd dose required).  Must be received on or after 16th birthday.

Refer to Section 4.57—IMMUNIZATIONS of the Genoa Central School District 2019 Handbook