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8.0 How We Do GT (Program Options)

At the High School

GT services at the high school are provided through Pre-AP classes, AP, and Concurrent College Courses.


Pre-AP Algebra I

Pre-AP Algebra II

Pre-AP Geometry

Pre-AP English 9                                                     

Pre-AP English 10

Pre-AP Biology

Pre-AP Chemistry

Pre-AP Physical Science

Pre-AP Civics

Pre-AP Economics

Pre-AP World History

More about Advanced Placement

Our AP classes:

Mrs. Bentley-AP Physics

Mr. Jordan-AP Chemistry

Mrs. Hill-AP English Language and Composition

Coach Lyda- AP US History and AP European History

Mrs. Puckett- AP Studio Art 2D Design, 3-D Design, and AP Studio Art Drawing


A message from College Board:  Why Take AP

College Board Student Videos

At the Middle School

GT services in middle school are provided through Honors Classes in fifth grade. Sixth through eighth grade students may take Pre-AP classes in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Eighth grade Algebra I and Pre-AP Physical Science grades will be on the high school transcript.

There is a monthly meeting with the GT Coordinator.


At the Elementary School

All kindergarten, first, and second grade students receive weekly GT Enrichment lessons.  The GT Coordinator provides one of these lessons each month.

Identified GT students (3rd/4th graders) recieve 150 minutes of GT curriculum on a weekly basis.  This is GT Pull-out.